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Chargus Midas
Midas C
The original Midas was superseded by the 1976 Midas E which was retrospectively re-titled as Midas C. the price including carrying bag, harness and VAT, was £ 450.00 in 1976.
The 1977 Midas E was an excellent performing and popular glider. Its short chord at the keel is an unusual feature.
Midas E
Midas C
Sail area: 166 sq.ft
Leading edge: 19 ft 3 in
Keel: 8ft. 3in
Nose angle: 110 deg
Billow 1.6 deg
Aspect ratio: 6.0
L/D: 8 to 1  
Midas E
Leading edge 19 ft 11 in
Keel 8ft.3 in
Sail area 188 sq.ft
Nose angle 110 deg
Billow 1.6 deg
Aspect ratio 5.7
L/D 8.5 to 1

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