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Chargus Midas
Midas C
The original Midas was superseded by the 1976 Midas E which was retrospectively re-titled as Midas C. the price including carrying bag, harness and VAT, was £ 450.00 in 1976.
The 1977 Midas E was an excellent performing and popular glider. Its short chord at the keel is an unusual feature.
Midas E
Midas Super E
The 1978 Midas Super E has some special features, amongst which are an adjustable C of G strop, large diameter cross boom and short or long keel option. Triple tubular wing posts give greater strength to the airframe and more control to the canopy shape. Aircraft push pins are used for uncomplicated and rapid assembly. Another feature is the floating truncations which greatly contribute to the machine's speed range, glide ratio and sink rate. The Midas Super E is constructed only of top grade materials and uses American Dacron sail cloth.


Midas C
Sail area: 166 sq.ft
Leading edge: 19 ft 3 in
Keel: 8ft. 3in
Nose angle: 110 deg
Billow 1.6 deg
Aspect ratio: 6.0
L/D: 8 to 1  
Midas E
Leading edge 19 ft 11 in
Keel 8ft.3 in
Sail area 188 sq.ft
Nose angle 110 deg
Billow 1.6 deg
Aspect ratio 5.7
L/D 8.5 to 1
Midas Super E
Leading edge: 19 ft 10 in
Root chord: 8 ft
Sail area: 188 sq ft
\Nose angle: 110 degs
Aspect ratio: 5.7
L/D: 9.5:1
Mean chord: 5.74 ft
Keel: 17 ft 5 in
Span: 32 ft 9 in

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