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Raven Industries Inc Weyer Aqua Kite
The Aqua Kite featured a harness for support freeing the pilots’ arms for control. A floation system makes the kite unsinkable and insures deep water starts.
The airframe is made from seamless aluminium alloy tubing, with cast aluminium alloy joints. Provided was a boat safety quick release for fast towline detachment.
The rigid trapeze assembly has an extra wide form fitted (then available in 4 sizes), a double strap was available for tandem flying.
12 x 14
Keel length: 14.5 ft
Wing span: 11.6 ft
Wing area: 86 sq,ft
Nose angle: 90˚
Weight: 40 lb
Pilot weight: 94-170 lb
14 x 16
Keel length: 15.75 ft
Wing span: 13.6 ft
Wing area: 117 sq,ft
Nose angle: 90˚
Weight: 90 lb
Pilot weight: 160-225 lb

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