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Advanced Dynamics Chotia-916
The Chotia-916 airframe is made from 6061-T6 anodised aluminium tubing. The rigging cable 3/32in 7 x 7 galvanised, and all hardware is aircraft quality. The sail is double stitched stabilised dacron.
The Chotia-916 wing combination of sweep, taper, twist, and wingtip design pretents spins. Stalls are indicated by a slight oscillation and heavy mush, with no tendency to drop a wing.
The Chotia-916 features stick operated aerodynamic controls. Glidemaster safety wheels were included. Optional seated or prone harness was provided.
Wing span: 28 ft
Wing area: 153 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 5.13
Weight: 50 lb
Pilot weight: 100-200 lb
Takeoff speed: 15 mph
Stall speed: 12 mph
Max speed: 45 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 9-1
Best L/D speed: 19 mph
Min sink: 180 fpm

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