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Avian Elan
The Avian Elan is a 1989 hang glider and successor to the successful Clubman. Avian took over manufacture of the Clubman but after building a number of them with up-to-date fittings a complete re-design of both sail and airframe was been undertaken.
The new keelpocketless sail gave a cleaner, tighter appearance. The leading edge was made from a mylar laminate fabric, usually only seen on high performance machines. The airframe, constructed from HT30 TF tubing was optimised to produce a glider that is light to carry and both quick and easy to rig.
The Elan has Speed bar, aerofoil king-post, 13 top surface battens, no undersurface or intermediate battens, HT30TF tubing, no keel pocket, mylar leading edge 4.2 ounce sail cloth, VB, and a surface area of 150 sq ft.
Elan 14
Wing area: 14 m²
Wing span: 8.85 m
Aspect ratio: 5.6
Minimum pilot weight: 51 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 85 kg
Nose angle: 120°

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