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Sunbird Ultralight Gliders Strato
The Strato is a high aspect ratio, high performance glider that replaced Sunbird’s discontinued “Standard” and “Cut-Keel Standard” designs. In addition to expected improvements in L/D and sink rate, roll rate, response, roll control power, pitch stability, and stall charastics were improved.
As a third generation Standard, it was used by flight school students, intermediate and advanced pilots.
Unique Tensor trailing edge mormalises distributed sail loads and helps to control washout. Roaching of the outboard wing sections results in improved low speed performance and control. The centre f gravity is adjustable and no specific hang rating was required.
The leading edges are 6061-T6 or 6063-T835 1.75in x .049 seamless drawn aluminium tubing, reinforced with inner sleeves of 6061-T6 1 5/8in x .058 tubing. The 6061-T6 1.5in x .058 tubing is used for the keel and crossbar. All tubing is bright anodised.
The rigging is nylon coated 3/32ib 7 x 7 stainless steel cable, double swaged. Quick-release tensioners were optional.
The sail is 3.9oz Bainbridge stabilised dacron. Fully battened with light-weight tapered fibreglass battens. All seams are stitched double zig-zag with stress points reinforced. Custom colours were standard, and airbrush and sail painting optional.
Saddles, tangs, and noseplate were by UP. Bolts, nuts, clevis pins etc were all AN or MS standard.
The pilot support was the original Hammock Harness. The body of the harness is constructed of a closed cell, high density foam pad, covered with strong, abrasion resistant 22oz Cordura cloth. The primary support web is constructed of 1.75in nylon web with a minimum breaking strength og 6500 lb and the knee hangers are constructed from an extra wide 3in herringbone web with a velro closure designed to stay closed.
Leading edge: 20 ft
Keel length: 14.5 ft
Wing span: 31 ft
Wing area: 175 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 5.5
Nose angle: 101˚
Pilot weight: 135-175 lb
Best glide ratio (L/D): 7.5-1
Min sink: 250 fpm

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