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Albatross Sails ASG 23
The ASG-23 was a conventional glider with crossbar, preformed ribs, and fiberglass leading edge tips to tension the trailing edge at the tips.
It went out of production in the winter of 1977-1978, when Tom Price closed his own sail loft and went to work for Electra Flyer.
The photo was taken at the American Cup in 1980. Randy Rauck and Larry Croome were flying the only two production topless models ever in existance, with the Canadian Team. Tom Price brought the ASG 23 up to Canada with its preliminary build done -it needed some shape refinements as well as new spars. The ASG 23 design needed more mods and tests to be competative with the just released and well finished, Comet 1 by UP. Tom got rid of crossbar drag by eliminating it and UP (Roy Hagard) covered it up to achieve similar results and a lot less cost.
The ASG 23 version 1 was small and very efficient at speed. They built a whole new sail for the rocket on the old spars with the dubious extra 1/2" holes in them that Tom assured us were in the nuetral axis. Larry Croome flew the new prototype in the 1980 Canadian Nationals Gaspe, Quebec. The wind virtually stopped on the last day and it turned into a sink rate contest. He went from 1st to 7th.
After the nationals they built two new ASG23's with two new sets of spars and nose units starting in the second week of September. Only four weeks later they had two new gliders very much redesigned. The new ASG's had more span and better wing tip.

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