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Airwave K3 / K4 / K5
Whereas the K2 is the successor to the Kiss, the 1993 K3, K4 and K5 are in fact different sizes of the same model of glider, the successor to the K2.
The series of K is the declination in different surfaces of the same wing. The K5: 13.8sq.m; The K4: 14.4 sq.m; The K2: 13,47 sq.m and the K3 is the most area. This does not seem very logical in terms of classification but these wings were designed on different dates, which may partly explain the codifications.


The 1991 K3 was a real performance glider for the heavier pilot. Whether in strong thermal conditions or weak ridge lift this machine will allow you to work the lift to its maximum, due to its excellent co-ordination and performance.
The 1992 K4 was a high performance machine which blended friendly handling and good allround performance and was aimed at the competent mid-weight club pilot. The handling was reported to be light and precise and that this combined with good co-ordination makes thermalling a pure delight. A very efficient trimmer system transforms the glider from being docile and easy handling into a machine that will convert precious altitude into cross country distance.
A few later developments called K4+ were made. One was bought by G Rogers, a well know West Country pilot.


The K4 has erased the difficulties of the KISS: spiral instability, Dutch roll at high speed, high sensitivity in strong conditions. It lost some of the KISS's exemplary maneuverability. The K4 is a homogeneous wing, stable spiral, with better finesse, in short a very good wing of a top quality at the time.
The 1993 K5 is the last of the 'K' series of gliders and was a replacement for the K2, incorporating some of the developments introduce in the K3 and the K4.
The K5 had 81% double surface, 26 battens (6 undersurface), and the airframe material is 7057 & 6082 aluminium alloy.


K3 160
Sail area: 15 sq m
Pilot weight: 154-220 lb
Span: 34 ft 2 in
Weight: 72.6 lb
Nose angle: 132 deg
Aspect ratio: 7.22
K4 155
Wing area: 14,4 m² / 155 sq ft
Wing span: 10,25 m
Aspect ratio: 7.3
Hang glider weight: 29 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 65 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 95 kg
Minimum speed: 24 km/h
Maximum speed: 89 km/h
Packed length: 5.5 m
Number of battens: 26
Nose angle: 132°
Sail area: 148 sq ft
Stall speed: 16 mph
Span: 32.5ft
Nose angle: 132 deg
Aspect ratio: 7.1
Packed length: 18ft 1 in
Weight 32 kg (includes packing but not bag)
Pilot weight: 86kg
Optimum pilot weight: 75kg
K5 144
K5 138
Wing area: 13.8 m²
Wing span: 9.8 m
Aspect ratio: 7.1
Minimum pilot weight: 55 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 86 kg
Nose angle: 132°

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