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Airwave Formula / Magic 6
Produced by Pacific Airwave from around 1991 to 1994, the Formula was essentially a simplified Magic Kiss, with a lighter frame, fewer ribs, and looser sail. This allowed the glider to be flown more comfortably by the intermediate pilot than the Kiss. It was comparable to the Kiss in sink rate and, although it didn't have the latter's speed range, its lighter handling made it popular with weekend pilots.
A version of the Formula was made by Airwave UK and marketed as the Magic 6. The sails were made in the US and fitted to airframes made in England.
Magic 6
The 1990 Magic 6 was first released as the "Formula" in the United States by Pacific Airwave, the partner-company of Airwave Gliders in the UK. It had much the same planform as the Magic Kiss, but with fewer ribs, a looser sail, and some other differences which made it a lower-performing but much more docile glider than the Kiss. In fact, it was released as a Hang 3 (Intermediate) glider in the US. John LaTorre  made the prototype sail for it, put many hours on the prototype itself, and continued test-flying some of the gliders as they came off the production line.
The 1990 Magic 6 was designed for the club pilot and has the appearance of slightly de-tuned Kiss. Both half-rib battens and VB were deleted.
Magic 6
The flying characteristics of the glider are quite similar to those of the Kiss except that the tendency to oscillate in yaw/roll at speed has gone and the top speed is lower, probably by about 4 mph. The new trim-tips hold the tip at a fixed angle and can be rotated then secured to give different handling and the ability to trim out slight turns.


The Formula was made in two sizes; 144 and 154.
MAGIC 6 154
Wing area: 14.4 m² / 153.86 sq ft
Wing span: 9.93 m / 32 ft 6 in
Aspect ratio: 7.55
Hang glider weight: 32 kg / 65 lb
Minimum speed: 24 km/h
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Minimum sink rate: 0.89 m/s
Optimum pilot weight: 132-187 lb
Number of battens: 26
Nose angle: 132°

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