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California Gliders Wind Gypsy
Wind Gypsy IV
The Wind Gypsy I is an elliptical enclosed truncated tip high performance glider for advanced pilots, featuring the Ram Air double surface leading edge.
The Wind Gypsy IV offered higher performance, power and maneuverability while still maintaining excellent yaw, roll and pitch stability. It is fitted with a three position control bar. Heart bolts are turret rigged, refined and reinforced for dynamic torsional loads, forming a frame with dihedral, washout and reflex.
The leading edges are 2024-T3 1.25in, control bar and kingpost are 2024-T3 1in, all anodised aluminium, and atainless steel Tesla bushings. The rigging cable is 3/32in 7 x 7 coated stailess steel, and top wire has quick release cable tensioners. All hardware is aircaft quality with a quick release hardware system.
The sail is made from 3.8oz stabilised dacron. The sail is cambered, scalloped and has air rammed leading edges. It is templated and patterned for exactness.
A prone or seated harness was available.
Wind Gypsy IV
Leading edge: 16.5 ft
Keel length: 12 ft
Wing span: 30.25 ft
Aspect ratio: 5.6
Nose angle: 111.4˚
Sail billow: 1.95˚
Weight: 41 lb
Pilot weight: 140-200 lb
Takeoff speed: 8 mph
Stall speed: 16 mph
Max speed: 45 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 7.25
Best L/D speed: 23 mph
Min sink: 227 fpm

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