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Delta Wing Kites & Gliders Phoenix TX
The Phoenix TX is designed for lighter weight intermediate to advanced pilots for either soaring or towing. It has fast control response and features an adjustable cambered keel, afjustable camberes leading edges, and inflatable leading edge pockets. It adjusts quickly from seated to prone positions.
The cross bar has a special breakdown feature and the control bars are knurled for sure grip. It may be setup for towing with an optional stainless steel bolts and nuts, 4030 chrome molley steel with precision release and floats.
Airframe spars are made from 6063-T832 clear anodised aluminium tubing. 1.5in x .049 and 1 5/5in x .058 for the leading egdes and keel and 1 5/8in x .058 for the crossbar.
The rigging cable is 3/32in 7x7 stainless steel and cable ends are nico swedged and have protective coatings. No turnbuckles are used. Upper rigging uses cable tensioners.
Nuts and bolts are aircraft quality, and there are specially designed cable tensioners, saddles, bushings, wingposts, noseplate, brackets, tangs, and nut covers. Eye bolts are used to eliminate shackles.
The sail is custom sewn from 3.8oz Howe & Bainbridge stabilised dacon n a choice of 11 colours. All seams double zif-zag stitched.
Seat, supine harnss, or prone harness were options.
Leading edge: 18 ft
Keel length: 14.5 ft
Wing span: 27.6 ft
Wing area: 150 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 5.07
Nose angle: 100˚
Sail billow: 40˚
Weight: 42 lb
Pilot weight: 100-160 lb

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