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 Aerial Arts Laser
The 1987 Laser was a lightweight high performance machine which incorporated some unusual features. Additional support for the outboard leading edges was provided by a continuous wire running through the control frame to the outer leading edges. This allowed more twist transfer to occur for a given sail and crossboom tension than with conventional single side-wire designs.
The keel was placed within the double surface in a horizontal keel pocket. Another feature of this glider was a bellcrank arrangement separating the twin tensioner wires running back from the crosstube which separate as the VB is pulled tighter. This was designed to alleviate the handling problems normally brought on when the kingpost is trapped between the wires and thus prevents sideways movement of the keel.
Equipped with Variable Billow and internally sprung battens instead of bungies, the price was £1375.00 inc VAT.
Wing area: 14 m² / 150 sq ft
Wing span: 10 m / 33 ft
Aspect ratio: 7.25
Hang glider weight: 28 kg / 60 lb
Nose angle: 124°
L/D: 13:1

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