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 Manta Products Pegasus
The Pegasus is a high performance truncated-tip Rogallo that can be handled by intermediate level pilots. It features high penetration and quick roll response yet has a gentle stall. Its sail is cambered, roached, and truncated with pockets of pre-formed ribs, applied leading edge pockets and applied keel pocket. The high aspect ratio and generously cambered sail give both low minimum sik and high L/D.
The control bar is fully adjustable for prone or swing seat flying, folds down easily for carrying, has neoprene cushioning and optional wheel assembly. The Pegasus also features adjustable keel reflex, optional take down to 6 ft 6 in, and no tool set-up or take-down.
The airframe is made from 6061-T6 x .049 anodised aluminium tubing with hardwood dowels and with bushings. Rigging cable is 3/32in 7x7 stainless steel with snap-on cable cover optional. The cabling is double swagged at every connection point.
All bolts are AN os MS quality, self-locking nuts. Stainless steel noseplate, tangs and thimbles. The sail is made from 3.8oz stabilised dacron, double zig-zag stitching, reinforced at stress points, spar-flex compensation for clean inflight shape, perpendicular-sewn seams for dimensional stability, and was available in 10 colours.
The Pegasus came with a flying seat with individual leg straps, or optional harness.
Leading edge: 18 ft
Keel length: 10 ft
Wing span: 29.75 ft
Wing area: 188 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 4.92
Nose angle: 110˚
Sail billow: 2.5˚
Weight: 47 lb
Pilot weight: 170-210 lb
Takeoff speed: 16 mph
Stall speed: 14 mph
Max speed: 45 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 7-1
Best L/D speed: 24 mph
Min sink: 250 fpm

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