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 Muller Kites Marauder
The Marauder combines high performance with good parachuting characteristics. Drag has been reduced by a deep scalloped trailing edge. The lifting gsurface along the leading edge has been increased by a floating batten four feet from the wingtip. A deflector blade and leading edge cables are standard equipment.
The airframe is made frm 6061-T6 1 5/8in x .058 clear anodised tubing. Spars are precision drilled with solid aluminium dowling. All spars are one piece construction, except the crossbr, which is in two pieces.
The rigging cable is 3/32in 7x7 vinyl coated stainless steel with all cable ends double nico pressed. Tangs, contro bar box and fingpost bracket are stainless steel. Nuts, bolts, turnbuckles and shackles are aircraft quality.
The sail is Howe & Bainbridge 3.8oz stabilised dacron. All seams are double zig-zag stitched with four stitches at the leading edge pockets. It was available in 11 colours.
A seated harness with full height adjustment of 3/8in poly rope with back support and speader bar was standard with an optional prone harness with full adjustment.
Leading edge: 20 ft
Keel length: 18 ft
Wing span: 32 ft
Wing area: 222 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 4.6
Nose angle: 106˚
Sail billow: 2˚
Weight: 46 lb
Pilot weight: 120-200 lb
Takeoff speed: 12 mph
Stall speed: 13 mph
Max speed: 48 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 6-1
Best L/D speed: 24 mph
Min sink: 320 fpm

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