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Chargus Cyclone
The Cyclone is a high aspect ratio machine which utilises a tight sail and preformed battens. The glider was designed purely for experienced pilots with cross country and competition flying in mind. The Cyclone has single deflexers and unusually a tip to control frame wire and is very sensitive to turning on the various turnbuckles. Handling is a little difficult until the pilot has adapted to the machine's peculiarities. Pitch and roll on the small 165 model are fairly light which normally leads to quite a lot of pilot induced oscilation. On the large 180 model roll is much heavier, leading to possible discomfort in rough air. Performance is excellent and the sink rate of a well tuned 180 Cyclone is hard to beat. The glider was the fastest of the machines at the time; the large one being faster than the small model.
1979 Cyclone
In 1980-81 the Chargus company brought out the Mk II Cyclone which features a floating keel which improves the handling.
Cyclone 180
Root: 7.66 ft
Sail area: 180 sq ft
Span: 36 ft
Aspect ratio: 7.2
Price: £595.00 inc bag VAT.




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