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Kestrel B
The Kestrel B was the first glider to employ a double surface sail. The forward third of the wing is covered by a second sail which inflates dynamically in flight. The second surface includes a semi-rigid, non-deflatable, airfoil-shaped center section, givng one of the largest flying speed ranges. Because of the semi-rigid centre section and trailing edge batten features, the Kestrel B’s sail cannot be put into a full-luff streamering mode, further aidng dive recooverabiity. The Kestrel B was recommended forclass III or IV pilots due to the relatively high L/D.
A rounded nose plate helps prevent sudden stops during landing. The rigging can be adjusted easily for either prone or seated flight, and there is an adjustable centre of gravity. It is capabale of being packed to about half the leading edge length.
The airframe is made from aircraft quality 6063-T832 in both model sizes. Dowelling is not used, for lighter weight. Strength instead comes from stainless steel bushings and inside sleeving. Deflexers help keep the leading edges straight.
The rigging is marine stainless steel 3/32in 7x7 throughout with protective coating on the bottom wires. Quick links and pins are used so the rigging and control frame can be esily removed.
All hardware is of stainless stel or aircraft quality aluminium. Nuts, washers, bolts, and turnbuckles are aircraft grade.
The sail is made from 3.8oz stabilised dacron with double zig-zag stitching. Threre are three battens on each side from the trailing edge to the double surfaced section. The centre section includes a removeable rib and Velcro/snap closure.
There were five standard colour patterns from one to five colours.
Either a swing seat or supine harness were available.
Kestrel B 19x11
Leading edge: 19.5 ft
Keel length: 11 ft
Wing span: 30 ft
Wing area: 190 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 5
Nose angle: 102˚
Weight: 40 lb
Pilot weight: 135-185 lb
Stall speed: 15 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 7-1
Min sink: 250 fpm
Kestrel B 20x12
Leading edge: 20.5 ft
Keel length: 12 ft
Wing span: 31.5 ft
Wing area: 220 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 5
Nose angle: 102˚
Weight: 43 lb
Pilot weight: 170-240 lb
Stall speed: 15 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 7-1
Min sink: 250 fpm
Kestrel B

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