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Magnan Aircraft Corp Harrier
Harrier IV
The Harrier IV is a high aspect, high performance flexwing. With a wider than average span, the lateral control is very responsive, partially due to the roached tip design which increases washout under loading. Pitch control is responsive but not sensitive to minor control because of dampening. It is stable on all axis, and no spin tendency and parachute landings can be made without problem of dropping off.
The Harrier IV features a precambered keel and precambered full length ribs throughout the sail. It came with 66in bar, double deflexers, 100% anodised in black, red, or clear.
The airframe is made from 2024-T3 1.75in x .035, 6061-T6 1.75in x .049 leading edge, cross bar and keel, 6061-T6 1in x .083 for the control bar, and 2024-T3 1in x .049 for the kingpost. All holes are sleeved, dowled and bushed.
Rigging cable is aircraft 3/32 7x7 302 stainless steel with continuous top rigging and double nico pressed. Tangs, shackles, and nose plates are stainless steel. The kingpost bracket, control bracket, kingpost plug and elbow joints are 6061-T6 aluminium. Deflexers are made from machined 2024-T3 aluminium. Nuts, washers, bolts, and turnbuckles are aircraft quality. All aluminium components are bright-dip anodised either red, black, or clear. All steel components are polished.
The sail is Howe & Bainbridge 3.8oz stabilised dacron in a choice of 11 colours. All seams are double zig-zag stitched and stress points reinforced. The sail is designed with roached tips for improved efficiency and stability. Each sail came with Velcro fasteners for the ribs.
The Harrier IV prone harness is constructed og 8oz para’pac nylon and 1in foam. Webbing is a combination of 8000 lb test web for attachment points and 2000 test streamlined tubular web for the suspension lines, available in five colours. Seats and supine harness are constructed of injected molded polyurethane plastic.
Leading edge: 21 ft
Keel length: 8 ft
Wing span: 37.75 ft
Wing area: 160 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 8
Nose angle: 115˚
Sail billow: 0.25˚
Weight: 39 lb
Pilot weight: 150-195 lb
Takeoff speed: 15 mph
Stall speed: 16 mph
Max speed: 55 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 8-1
Best L/D speed: 30 mph
Min sink: 220 fpm
Harrier IV

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