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Albatross Sails Inc ASG-21

The 1976 ASG-21 was a high performance, truncated tip glider. It uses a 1 deg cambered, fully battened sail to lower the stall speed. The battens let it fly faster without fluttering, thus reducing high-speed drag. This glider requires an experienced pilot.

The ASG21 used a curved, cantilevered tip that is fully enveloped within the sail sleeve, reducing tip inertia and drag. A reinforced kingpost and an extra winpost for turbulent thermal flying were optional. The sail is cambered throughout the body to assume a specific airfoil shape in flight and a cambered keel pocket is applied to match the camber of the sail, rather thn the bend of the keel tube. Leading edge sleeves are applied to minimise any diagonal wrinkles.
All spars and sleeving are 2024-T3 aluminium and all holes are internally sleeved and use compression bushings. The sleeves are stress releved at both ends. 1.75in tubing is used for the leading edge and crossbar and 1 5/8in for the keel. The 5ft x 5ft control bar and the kingpost are both 6062-T6 1in x .083.
All cable is 3/32in 7x7 vinyl coated stainless steel aircraft quality and all wire ends are double nico pressed around stainless steel thimbles. The tangs and shackles are stainless steel, nose plates 7075-T6 aluminium, and all bolts, nuts and turnbuckles are aircraft quality.


The sail is made from Howe & Bainbridge 3.8oz stabilised dacron, all white for constant stretch characteristics. All seams are double zig-zag stitched with reinforced stress points. Applied leading edge sleeves and keel pockets eliminate wrinkles. The sail is fully cambered. Battens by Roy Searman are of fibreglass, polyurethane foam sandwich constructin. They have a constant taper ratio to allow them to curve to the airfoil shape of the sail.
Options were for any type or make of harness.
Leading edge: 16 ft
Keel length: 7.2 ft
Wing span: 28.8 ft / 9.4 m
Wing area: 130 sq,ft / 12.1 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Nose angle: 116˚
Sail billow: 1˚
Weight: 44 lb / 20 kg
Pilot weight: 110-135 lb / 50-61 kg
Packed length: 4.88 m
Leading edge: 17 ft
Keel length: 7.6 ft
Wing span: 30.5 ft / 8.8 m
Wing area: 145 sq,ft / 13.5 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Nose angle: 116˚
Sail billow: 1˚
Weight: 45 lb / 20 kg
Pilot weight: 130-155 lb / 59-70 kg
Packed length: 5.18 m
Leading edge: 18 ft
Keel length: 8 ft
Wing span: 32 ft / 9.76 m
Wing area: 160 sq,ft / 14.9 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Nose angle: 116˚
Sail billow: 1˚
Weight: 46 lb / 21 kg
Pilot weight: 150-175 lb / 68-79 kg
Packed length: 5.41 m
Leading edge: 18.8 ft
Keel length: 8.5 ft
Wing span: 33.9 ft / 10.35 m
Wing area: 180 sq,ft / 16.7 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Nose angle: 116˚
Sail billow: 1˚
Weight: 47 lb / 21 kg
Pilot weight: 170-195 lb / 77-88 kg
Packed length: 5.74 m
Leading edge: 18.7 ft
Keel length: 9 ft
Wing span: 33.2 ft / 10.12 m
Wing area: 195 sq,ft / 18.1 m²
Aspect ratio: 5.7
Nose angle: 116˚
Sail billow: 1˚
Weight: 48 lb / 22 kg
Pilot weight: 190-215 lb / 86-97 kg
Packed length: 5.72 m



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