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Birdman Sports Moonraker
Moonraker 78
In November 1976 Birdman announced that their latest glider, the Moonraker was now in production and at an introductory price of £ 375.00 + VAT. The sail is made in 3.8 oz Howe and Bainbridge Dacron and features an aerofoil shaped centre pocket.
A Moonraker was the first hang glider to cross the British Channel, in the late seventies (after a balloon launch).
Made in 1977, the Moonraker 77 was a high performance glider suitable for more experienced pilots. Very light to control with a wide speed range. The Moonraker 77 was without the truncated tips, plus triple deflexor instead of one.
Moonraker 77
The Moonraker 77 was the winner of several speed and speed range tests in the 1977 British League. Priced at £440.00 ex VAT, it has a very 'clean' sail even at maximum speed.
The Moonraker 78 was for experienced pilots with cross country flying in mind for the 1978 thermal season. The glider has diffused fixed tips, a deep subventral fin and fully battened sail.
Moonraker 78
The Moonraker 78 air frame is in 2 inch O.D. x 18 G tube. The sail is 3.8 oz Howe and Bainbridge dacron and can be supplied to customer's colour choice. Two sizes were available: 175 sq ft and 210 sq ft.


Sail area 190 sq ft
Nose angle 108 deg
Leading edge 20 ft
Span 32 ft
Aspect ratio 5.38
Billow 0.5 deg
Moonraker 77
Leading edge: 20 ft
Nose angle: 108 deg
Wingspan: 32 ft
Sail area: 190 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 5.38
Billow: 0.5 deg
Root chord: 10 ft,
L/D: 8:1
Min. sink: 200 fpm


Moonraker 78 175
Nose angle: 130 deg
Aspect ratio: 7
Span: 35 ft
Root chord: 7 ft




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