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Birdman Sports Comanche



A 1980 hang glider, the Comanche was a new concept into higher performance wings. This was achevied by creating a much larger double surface area, also the wing was shaped by using pre-formed battens.
The Comanche was then distinguished by its 125 ° nose angle, its very fast assembly, and very pure sail cut. The elliptical wingtips that existed on the first Comanche were abandoned.

The slats are semi-flexible type, that is to say, aluminum and shaped on the front, then flexible fiber on the back. The lower leading edge sheath is a 30% double sail and the profile is very arched, with the maximum camber point very forward. The aircraft really has an excellent sink rate but unfortunately because of its 6.6 lengthening and its very tight sail, the manufacturer could not make it manoueverable.
This was to be the last model produced by Birdman Sports and there was thought to be only four Comanche made.
Leading edge: 18 ft 9 in
Span 32 ft 6in
Root chord: 7 ft 10 in
Nose angle: 120 deg
Pre-formed battens: 14


Wing area: 17 m²
Wing span: 10.6 m
Aspect ratio: 6.6
Hang glider weight: 24 kg
Packed length short: 3.5 m
Nose angle: 125°

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