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Europe Sails Independent
The Europe Sails Independent is a hang glider for Advanced pilots. The glider itself is easily within the (2006-2007) range of performance of similar topless gliders. With only 2-3 gliders/year made by the company they use parts from other manufacturers. Carbon parts are made in-house. This glider features unique Carbon wing-tips which are big, extremely stable and - affordable. The manufacturer makes the setup of the glider according to the personal experience and wishes of the pilot.

Performance and Flight characteristics depend on the setup: The sail can be stretched up to drumhead hardness for competitive and high performance gliding.
Independent 13
Wing area: 13 m²
Wing span: 10 m
Aspect ratio: 7.6
Hang glider weight: 31 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 56 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 90 kg
Packed length: 5 m
Packed length short: 3.95 m
Number of battens: 28
Nose angle: 127°
Independent 14
Wing area: 14.3 m²
Wing span: 10.35 m
Aspect ratio: 7.4
Hang glider weight: 34 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 75 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 110 kg
Packed length: 5.14 m
Packed length short: 4.08 m
Number of battens: 28
Nose angle: 127°

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