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Ellipse Titanium
The Ellipse Titanium is a 2010 hang glider for Advanced pilots.
The Titanium "all options" version has balestrons and special fabrics (Extrados and Attack). For take-off the adjustment of the anchor point forward (innovation of Ellipse) of the trapeze provides a very nice position and efforts are quite acceptable. The overdrive must be stretched at least 1/3 to change the behavior. As soon as it is stretched, the wing becomes more precise. As it is stretched, beyond 1/3, the handling becomes lost and the speed really increases.
The sail is not tight on the ground and some wrinkles remain in the air if we do not tend at all overdrive (normal). But the flight qualities remain perfect even without stretched overdrive.
This machine is intended for young drivers (not out of slope but a little later) and especially for experienced drivers who are looking for an easy, maneuverable, simply posable, with performance.
Titanium S
Wing area: 13.4 m²
Wing span: 9.3 m
Aspect ratio: 6.45
Hang glider weight: 29 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 50 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 70 kg
Number of battens: 18
Titanium M
Wing area: 14.7 m²
Wing span: 9.8 m
Aspect ratio: 6.53
Hang glider weight: 31 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 65 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 85 kg
Number of battens: 20
Titanium L
Wing area: 15.5 m²
Wing span: 10.2 m
Aspect ratio: 6.5
Hang glider weight: 32 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 80 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 105 kg
Number of battens: 20

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