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Ellipse Furtif / Stealth
A 1996 hang glider for Advanced pilots, the wing is well built, and it is made "beefy" in materials made to last. It is very easy to take off and the landing is no problem.
In flight the wing turns as in the books (pulled, shifted, pushed), and it can turn very tight. Its spiral stability in bends less than 30 ° inclination is reassuring. I get a good drop rate with. In rotation in thermal, it is easy to bow and correct turns. The wing can accelerate frankly (even if beyond 60-65km / h, it is not very valid in transition, there is a dull and it hangs anyway), and simply slow down.
It is an easy intermediate wing, without traps nor quirks nor behavior surprises. The Stealth is safe, secure, and with a little performance all the same.
Furtif 128
Wing area: 12.8 m²
Wing span: 9.8 m
Aspect ratio: 7.5
Hang glider weight: 28 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 55 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 75 kg
Minimum speed: 28 km/h
Maximum speed:                90 km/h
Packed length: 5 m
Packed length short: 3.8 m
Number of battens: 24
Nose angle: 127°
Furtif 135
Wing area: 13.5 m²
Wing span: 10.4 m
Aspect ratio: 8.1
Hang glider weight: 29 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 90 kg
Minimum speed: 28 km/h
Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Packed length: 5 m
Packed length short: 4 m
Number of battens: 26
Nose angle: 127°

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