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Eipper Bamboo Bomber
The wing is a version of the Bat-Glider with changes for sure. Taras Kiceniuk made a Batso version with a change from Bat-Glider (published plans by Jim Foreman....which themselves were developed from photos and notes given Foreman by Richard Miller of Millers's earlier Bamboo Buttfly). Eipper's Penninsula Hang Gliding crew made the bamboo and polyethelene glider to fly off the Torrance Beach sand cliffs in 1971. Materials used: bamboo canes, string, sillage bags type polyethylen sheets...
Built by Dick Eipper, Ken Seinmetz, and Chris Parker out of bamboo, visquine (a heavy polyethelene sheeting) and plastic coated clothes line...materials purchased by Dick.
That was the summer or 69. That’s Dick Eipper as the pilot, Mark Tolar as the one at the keel and Steve Wilson on the left side of the glider. A few months later Dick and Steve founded EipperFormance Hang Gliders. Ayear and a half later they incorperated and brought Dave Muehl, Mike Hutter, Bob Lovejoy and Dave Cronk on as partners.
These sand cliffs were quite close to the water's edge at Torrance Beach in Southern California and the water was the objective although thry rarely made it that far. Smaller bodies sometimes did. It had no battens but surely needed them as the trailing edge flapped alot and made quite a noise. They didn't think of it. There were also a few quite spectacular crashes, Steve Wilson, being one of them. He came up with torn Levis, scrapes and bruises, and a face full of sand. That's why they chose that spot it had all the right characteristics.....soft, or relatively so, landing area and good onshore winds.

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