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Pliable Moose Delta Wings Inc Thermal Shark
The Thermal Shark is a high performance medium aspect ratio Rogallo. Tip drag has been reduced by the mildly cylindrical leading edge and trailing edge cut.
The knucle-saving control bar has a specal shape. Side spar camber, reflex and dihedral can be adjused to suit flying conditins. The is an adjustable pilot trthr point for quick centre of gravity changes.
The air frame is made fro 1 5/8in and 1 ¾ x .058 aircraft grade aluminium tubing. Tubing is double and triple reinforced at all stress points, hard-wood doweled and solid aluminium bushed. All exposed tubing members are black anodised.
All bolts, nut and turnbuckles are aircraft grade 8 through 11 depending on application. Wrap around nose plat, tangs and shackles are polished stainless steel.
Rigging cable is 3/32in 7 x 7 stainless steel, with lower rigging plastic coated.
The sail is 4.5oz stabilised dacron, double lock stitched. A double reflex airfoil camber is sewn in. The pilot support was either seated or prone harness.
Thermal Shark I
Leading edge: 19.3 ft
Keel length: 15.8 ft
Wing span: 28 ft
Wing area: 210 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 3.85
Nose angle: 90˚
Sail billow: 3.5˚
Weight: 45 lb
Pilot weight: 125-210 lb
Takeoff speed: 17 mph
Stall speed: 14 mph
Max speed: 45 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 6.25-1
Best L/D speed: 26 mph
Min sink: 225 fpm
Thermal Shark II
Leading edge: 21.3 ft
Keel length: 15.8 ft
Wing span: 31 ft
Wing area: 195 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 5.1
Nose angle: 92˚
Sail billow: 3.35˚
Weight: 47 lb
Pilot weight: 135-210 lb
Takeoff speed: 14 mph
Stall speed: 12 mph
Max speed: 40 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 7.25-1
Best L/D speed: 19 mph
Min sink: 180 fpm

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