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Eipper Formance High Tailer
The High-Tailer, designed by Bob Lovejoy, had a heght of 1.2 meters and a wingspan of 9 meters. The High-Tailer had two inclined vertical fins starting from the control bar and passing through the trailing edge of the wing (almost identical to the Quicksilver) and finished above the wing. A horizontal plane connected the two drifts.
The design had some directional control problems (it would almost always fly straight ahead, very stable), and the control bar/vertical/horizontal arrangement was somewhat flexible. It was a four sides parallelogram structure, so had little inherent stiffness.

The origin of the Quicksilver can be found in Bob Lovejoy's High-Tailer design. The High-Tailer and early Quicksilvers all had a 4 foot chord and 30 ft span.
The original Quicksilver (later called the "A" model) was built from the High-Tailer. The twin verticals and high mounted horizontal were replaced with an "A" frame off the trailing edge of the wing, back to a fixed horizontal and a "C" frame rudder (no fixed fin). As the trailing edge of the "C" frame was unsupported, the rudder distorted a lot, but it was very effective at directional control, and the glider responded through dihedral effect (Cl-beta). The "C" frame rudder got replaced with a different "D" frame rudder which solved the distortion problem.

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