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Dinger Wings Sting Ray
The 1976 String Ray was a copy of UP's Dragon Fly. The String Ray was on the market within weeks of first seeing the Dragon Fly at the Nationals at Escape Country. Russ Hansen played the curious spectator, asking UP's pilots about various aspects of their new glider so as to ease Dinger Wings re-creation.
Manufactured by Dean Aldinger Sacramento Ca in the 70's, the sting ray had clipped tips, but no battens, the prototype was dark blue with red leading edges/tips and only had one deflector pointed down at a 45* angle.
He didn't make a lot of that model and the tips were heavy IMO. This model is not one considered very safe except under the mildest conditions. It was high performance for its time but not especially stable. This glider wasn't stable, which is why he stopped making it. He made a lot of innovations incorporated into later models.
Dean was a great hang glider builder but lost some friends that were flying his hang gliders and quit building.


Nose angle: 105°

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