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Air Capitol HangGliders Skyhog
The Air Capitol HangGliders Skyhog is a medium aspect glider which gives higher performance than a standard Rogallo. The use of positive dihedral and reflex makes it suitable for beginners. Extra large spars and leading edge stressing, which is tunable, allow a tight sail.
The airframe is made from 6061-T6 2in x .035 polished aluminium tubing, internally sleeved with 6061T6 1 15/16in aluminium tubing. The aluminium caps are cast.
All rigging is 3/32in aircraft quality cables that are completely encased in vinyl. All hardware is aircraft quality.
The sail is made from 3.0oz stabilised dacron. Load tapes are sewn into the sail to distribute loads. Basic colours were white, bright red and light blue. Other colours were availabe on special order. A smooth cast aluminium nose piece is fitted.
The pilot support is a full height adjustable soft seat that is padded. 5000 lb test webbing goes around the body. A prone harness was optional.
A top-stressing adjusting nut tightens all the cables simultaneously. Only one nut must be removed for the entire wing to fold up. The control bar is padded and can be left on the wing when folded.
Leading edge: 18 ft
Keel length: 16 ft
Wing span: 27 ft
Wing area: 220 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 3.3
Nose angle: 100˚
Sail billow: 5˚
Weight: 35 lb
Pilot weight: 125-225 lb
Takeoff speed: 10 mph
Stall speed: 12 mph
Max speed: 55 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 5-1
Best L/D speed: 21 mph
Min sink: 310 fpm

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