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Whitney Enterprises Porta-Wing
This hang glider was one to be scared to be directly underneath on a hillside. The flight performance of the Porta-wing was not impressive. With the cabled leading edge it is suspected that low angles of attack may have caused it to dip resulting in sail deflation. As a precaution a cable could have been added from the king post as was done later on the trailing edge for all flexwings.
Mods have been suggested toward keeping LE sail region formed positively during negative gust events and during low AoA dynamics. Segmenting tubes for short pack has been centuries old. The airfoil was not patentable as it was in public domain. Ancient kiting has had cable leading edge in public domain. Solve the challenges of deformation of the airfoil in LE region under low AoA and/or gust events.
As far as known the Porta-Wing had no sail battens. The cabled leading edge could be built up using water pipe insulation that might help reduce the oscillation/vibration. This would still allow the short pack capability. With an anti-dip cable on the L/E and reflex lines, wide keel pocket, battens and a more rounded L/E the Porta -Wing might have a new lease of life.



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