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University of Louvain la Neuve Two Seat hang glider

The club of the University of Louvain la Neuve (Belgium), wanted to make a two-seater hang-glider in 1979. They became interested in the Flexiform Skyline which had a non-profiled sail, which greatly facilitated the sewing work.

Based on photos, they extrapolated their two-seater to scale to be 23sq.m, with a wingspan of 13m. It was desided to truncate the tips of wings at 11m.

To avoid the pilot weight + passenger weight risk of distorting the leading edges, they put triple deflectors.
With triple deflectors and no need to use big tubes, 44x1,25mm resulted in 28kgs weight.
A keel pocket in two parts was sewn in, including 30cms in front of the mast.

For maneuverability it has a trapezoid with a control bar of 1.80 m.
To build a wing that will allow to do all the centering tests without redoing them cables the idea was to use a trapezoidal top in the form of a rail to change the centering between two tests over a length of 30cms, and attach the cables with cable ties, which will only be crimped 'Once the flight tests are completed!

It flew several hundred hours with several pilots without problems or accidents. It was even ranked 1st in a two-seater competition at the Icare Cup.

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