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Flexiform Vector
Made in 1977, the Vector was specifically intended for the pilot who has ridge soaring experience and offer the potential for cross country work. Flexi-Form consider that the glider is both lighter and faster to fly compared with its competitors. The sail is tightly stretched across the entire span and is cambered to provide an airfoil section.
By co-operation with Main Welding Co. Ltd. the Vector was available in kit form. The Vector price (B and C) in kit form was £430.00, or ready to fly at £500.00 (including VAT and bag).
Vector B
Pilot weight: less than 12.5 st.
Vector C
Sail area 180 sq ft
Span 36.5 ft
Keel 7 ft 6 in
Nose angle 114 deg
Aspect ratio 7.4.,
Pilot weight: greater than 12.5 st.

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