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 Flexiform Sea-Lander
The Sea-Lander came out in 1981.
All material is aircraft released hardware from the USA.
Both the Sealander and Hi-Lander were designed to accept the Hiway and Skyhook trike units without any modification.
Sealander 170
Span: 34 ft
Wing area: 170 sq.ft
Nose angle: 148.5 deg
Weight: 60 lb
Pilot weight: 140-175 lb
Speed range: 15-42 mph
Sealander 190
Span: 35 ft
Wing area: 190 sq.ft
Nose angle: 148.5 sq.ft
Weight: 63 lb
Pilot weight: 160-200 lb
Speed range: 15-42 mph

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