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 Flexiform Hi-Lander
The Hi-Lander came out in 1980 as an advanced intermediate hang glider. Basically a copy of the La Mouete Atlas, the Hi Lander uses preformed battens and has approximately 30 % double surface. Unlike the Atlas the Hilander has plug-in cross boom ends rather than a sliding centre box system. Performance is very similar to that of the Atlas although it does not have quite such impressive sink rate.
Both the Sealander and Hi-Lander were designed to accept the Hiway and Skyhook trike units without any modification.
Flexiform Sky Sails Hilander/Sky-Trike
160cc Valmet engined Hiway Skytrike with Flexiform Hilander wing (1981)
Hi-Lander 175
Span: 34 ft
Nose angle: 126 deg
Weight: 56 lb
Pilot weight: 130-165 lb
Hi-Lander 190
Span: 35 ft
Nose angle: 126 deg
Weight: 62 lb
Hi-Lander 200
Span: 36 ft
Nose angle: 126 deg
Weight: 70 lb
Pilot weight: 190-240 lb
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