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Miller Bamboo Butterfly Rogallo
Richard Miller flying his new Bamboo Butterfly hang glider. Vista Del Mar California, 1966.
Barry Hill Palmer had a good paying aerospace job and was flying on a minimalist and inexpensive glider purely for curiosity and fun. He did not attempt to modernize or market the flexible wing hang glider; there was no attempt to publicize on the media, except for an 'accidental' report made by a small local newspaper. Palmer freely gave information about the wing to any person interested, including Francis Rogallo and Richard Miller, who develop the famous Bamboo Butterfly Rogallo wing hang glider, the plans of which circulated in some American magazines in the mid 1960s.
In 1964, after building aome small Rogallo models, Miller used bamboo and polyethelene to construct the ‘Bamboo Butterfly’.
Over the next few years Miller and a growing number of friends slowly mastered the techniques of Rogallo flight.
Before the Butterfly was retired they had launched more than a hundred successful flights over Los Angeles beaches.

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