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Finsterwalder Bergfex
Thomas Finsterwalder develops a glider of his own design. With specially developed high-strength super light-weight and large diameter tubing, the "Bergfex" (mountain freak) weighed a mere 11 kg and could be dismantled in 8 minutes down to a length of 1.80 m without the use of tools, by means of snap fasteners. The sail weighed only 1 kg and was made from spinnacker nylon 32 g/m².

Mountaineering pilots were excited to try them and more than 300 Bergfexes flew accident-free.
The federal aviation authority issued the airworthiness certification.
In 1976, Thomas Finsterwalder and two companions climbed to the top of 5895 m high Kilimandscharo. From the summit they flew Bergfex type hang gliders back to the plains below. The flight over a distance of around 25 kilometers took 50 minutes; they had taken three days to make the ascent.
1976: Mt. Kilomanjaro, Tanzania
First appearance in 1976, in 1978 the Superfex came as a successor.

Wingspan: 7.9 m
Span: 19.2 m
Nose angle: 90°
Weight: 11 kg
Maximum glide ratio: ca. 15 at 45 km/h
Maximum sink rate: 2 m/s at 32 km/h

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