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LEAF Deep Hollow
The LEAF Deep Hollow is designed for the more experienced pilot. A flatter sail add 20% hollow in the trailing edge maded the control light and responsive. It extended the glide ratio and was stable in turbulent air.
The airframe is all constructed from 6061 or 6063 aluminium tubing 1.5in x .049 or 1.75in x .049 wall. Each spar is drilled, sleeved, bushed, and end capped. The control bar, 58in wide, and kingpost are constructed from 1in x .090 wall 6063-T832 aluminium with black powder baked-on epoxy. Wingpost was standard to oppose the loaded sail angle.
All rigging wires are 3/32in 7 x 7 stainless steel clear coated. All wires are solid swedged with two nico’s. Two AN 155-16S aircraft turnbuckles in the to rigging allow wires to be tightened after assembly. Wingpost wires are 1/16in 7 x 7 uncoated stainless steel cable with one AN 155-8 (800 lb test) for tuning.
All tangs, three position control box, kingpost bracket, wrap around nose plate, and thimbles are stainless steel. Wingnuts, castle nuts, nylocks, ad bolts are aircraft quality.
The sail is made from Howe & Bainbridge 3.8oz stabilised dacron in 11 colours. Prior to sewing, the cloth is overlapped and attached with double sided tape to ensure positive sweing edges. All seams are double zig-zag with reinforcement at the stress areas. Six inch applied sleeves give a cleaner sail to provide more lift with soother air flow. The unique fan panels allow each seal to be degrees to the trailing edge eliminating stretch after use.
The Deep Hollow came with sail ties and cordura cover, and a prone harness with knee hangers was optional.
20 x 18
Leading edge: 20 ft
Keel length: 18 ft
Wing span: 28.3 ft
Wing area: 203 sq,ft
Aspect ratio: 3.93
Nose angle: 90˚
Sail billow: 3˚
Weight: 42 lb
Pilot weight: 139-200 lb
Takeoff speed: 13 mph
Stall speed: 15 mph
Max speed: 44 mph
Best glide ratio (L/D): 6:1
Best L/D speed: 28 mph
Min sink: 400 fpm

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