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McBroom Sailwings Argus
Argus 1974
The 1974 Argus was a new design based on two years of experience with the Arion. It incorporated many changes, in particular to the sail which had a revised profile. The Argus was made in two sizes the 230 sq ft model was suitable for pilots of 10 stone.
During 1974 McBroom recommended that kingposts should be fitted to all Rogallos. Therefore the Argus would perhaps be the first British production glider to be kingposted.
The top rigged 1974 Argus was available in kit form for £140.00 plus VAT, it with drilled tubes for £155.00 plus VAT, and also supplied ready to fly.
In 1975 the Argus was offered with a new large A frame suitable for prone flying. Fittings being black anodised.
1975 Argus
A two-seater Rogallo balloon drop was made by Geoff McBroom and Norman Millhouse on a Twin Argus.
Prices for the 1975 Argus including VAT and tuition were: 17 ft (10 st. or less) £250.00. 18 ft (10-15 st) £262.50. 19ft (12 st. or more) £287.50. 20 ft 6 in (two seater) £325.00. Kits and plans were also available.
1974 Argus
Sail area: 235 sq ft
Leading edges: 18 ft
1975 Argus
17 ft
10 st. or less
1975 Argus
18 ft
10-15 st
1975 Argus
12 st. or more
1975 Argus
20 ft 6 in
two seater

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