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McBroom The First



The first British hang glider of modern times was created by a group of six flying enthusiasts in mid 1971. They were; Geoff McBroom, Les Hockings, Steve Stanwick, Howard Holdie, Tony Gillette and Don Cameron.
The first flight was made by Les Hockings at Camlong Down near Dursley. The glide angle was about 3:1 rather than the expected 5:1, however the machine was reported to be easy to fly.
Wing span: 7.92 m / 26 ft
Leading edge: 20 ft
Sail area: 280 sq ft
Max glide ratio (L/H): 3
Minimum sink rate: 1.8 m/s / 6 ft/sec at 20 mph
Take off speed: 15 mph

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