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Sandlin Sundog
The Sundog is a rigid wing that was designed by Californian Mike Sandlin. The Sundog is an evolution of the Skypuppy,
Sundog was a rigid wing built to test the usefulness of flaps on a hang glider. This version has full span flaps which fold under the wing for transport. There are spoilerons on the top surface of the wing for turning, actuated by side motion of the hang loop. The flaps were pulled down by a rope. The tail surfaces are just fixed stabilizers.
It was too heavy, at 90 lb and the static balance was non-existent (special launch procedures required), but it was fun to fly once you got it in the air. Full span flaps allow simple, easy landings, very similar to a drogue chute.
They were up-only ailerons, actuated from the hang loop, then returned to neutral by a bungee cord (like the spoilerons, which came later). A good system, but Sandlin wanted bigger flaps.
Low performance landings were the easiest and safest.

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