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Rithner Hirondelle / Hirondelle Electra
Hirondelle Electra 1st generation
In the early 1970s, E. Rithner distributed the Bernard Danis (wing = Manta) and Electra Flyers (wing = Hirondelle) brands in Switzerland before being "inspired" to make them on his own account. Very quickly the Hirondelle Electra took over by proving to be more powerful and safer than the Manta which had the unfortunate propensity to put itself in the flag, often irreversible because the dive was stable (several accidents). Electra, which already had the "S" shaped keel (the front part was curved downwards by a cable between the upper anchorage of the trapezium and the nose, the rear part being curved upwards by the longitudinal upper cable Back), was fairly stable (slight neutral) and did not suffer from the (often fatal) phenomenon of feathering. Its fineness was of approx. 5.5, its drop rate of 2.5 - 3.0. For a weight of 18 kg.
The Electra of the 1st generation had the corners of the trapezium always bent, American fashion. Undoubtedly, at this time, E. Rithner still imported a few pieces of hardware (stiffeners, screws, etc.) and US structural trapezium.

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