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  Gin Mirage
Gin Mirage 26
The Mirage is based on a Reflex profile but has an easy inflation and easy loading for takeoff compared to the wings made with the same profile type. This is due to a new generation of light leading edge, to an optimum placement of the attachment points, and to an original line cascade which utilizes the full efficiency of the profile.
There are 2 profiles in the wing with different angles of attack across the wingspan. The original planform shape decreases the drag. It is very easy to manage the angle and radius of the turn with dynamic and precise handling.
The Intermediate Mirage Paramotor wing has a dynamic roll but without excess. It is very stable in pitch, which helps to coordinate the turn with a paramotor and allows tight turns or wide turns with a good sink rate.
The arc has been calculated to help to initiate the turn with roll, but at the same time keeping a strict directional stability and avoiding any bad rolling tendency. This is a very important characteristic in PPG, and helps to control the spiral dive.

The wing is very stable in all axes, especially at full speed. The sink rate is excellent at both slow and fast speeds, which allows a wide useable speed range.
The risers include a wing tip steering kit to pilot the wing when accelerated.

Free flight weight 80-100kg
Weight with paramotor 105-135kg

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