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Rol Klingberg built the wing without plans (never drew them) and used only a few templates for making parts. There are no plans for the full size Klingberg Wing as a "one-off" design.
The right wing had slightly less twist due to a construction error and in a stall the wing would drop the right wing. Recovery could be made by simply returning the ailerons to a neutral setting. The test pilot made the error of flying too slow twice. Once at altitude with room to recover and once low without room to recover. At Torrey, the wind was too low for soaring flight and the test pilot attempted to stay aloft by flying slow. A beginner's type error. As Klingberg watched at the edge of the Torrey cliffs he saw the wing flying near stall speed and was not surprised to see it drop the right wing. The test pilot did not perform the correct recovery process and crashed.
Klingberg still had three feet of the left wing tip (the one that impacted the cliffs) in 2006. The engineering facts surrounding the failure of the Wing is that he modified standard airfoils for the tips. The modification made combined with the low Reynold's number caused the design to have tip stall problems. A technical report of the problem was published in Hang Glider magazine in the late 1980's.
The test pilot (Daryl "Monty" Bell) stole the Wing after the crash at Torrey. The Wing was too damaged to provide sufficient information for a second Wing to anyone other than the designer. If anyone knows the locations of any remains, Rol Klingberg would like to have that information.
Klingberg attempted to recover the remains of the wing from the test pilot a few months after the crash but was unable to do so. In the process, Klingberg had extensive discussions with the local law enforcement officials and they pointed out that Monty Bell had a number of "encounters" with the local police and was considered to be an on-going problem for them.

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