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La Mouette Compact / Compact Cobra
Compact Cobra
The Compact was a 1989 hang glider for Advanced pilots.
The 1992 Compact Cobra was for Advanced pilots.
The Compact Cobra glider is one of the easiest controled gliders in its class. It can be your first glider after school. The very slack side wires were always a source of worries for spectators.
Compact 13
Wing area: 13.9 m²
Wing span: 10.1 m
Hang glider weight: 29 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 50 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 75 kg
Packed length: 5.9 m
Packed length short: 3.9 m
Nose angle: 127°
Compact 14
Wing area: 14.1 m²
Aspect ratio: 7.23
Hang glider weight: 31 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 58 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 80 kg
Number of battens: 28
Nose angle: 132°
Compact 15
Wing area: 15.1 m²
Aspect ratio: 7.72
Hang glider weight: 34 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 75 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 100 kg
Nose angle: 130°
Compact Cobra 135
Wing area: 14.5 m²
Wing span: 10.2 m
Hang glider weight: 31 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 65 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 95 kg
Packed length: 5.5 m
Packed length short: 4.4 m
Number of battens: 28
Nose angle: 127°

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