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Airwave Kiss / Magic Kiss
The 1989 Kiss and the Magic Kiss are the same hang glider. A very light handling glider, very easy to land but good performance, though definitely 'advanced'. For pilots with 50hrs+.
It is a very “yawy” wing requiring a light touch and “active flying” to keep it under control. Pilots transitioning from stiffer wings may have a tendency to PIO or even dutch-roll especially at higher speeds.
Some can tend to yaw but you get used to it after a while. It does tend to have roll control problems if not set properly. Other wise very light on the control.
Glide was good up until you reached high speed. The Kiss then tended to yaw from side to side. Not disconcertainly so, but enough to require constant corrections, though you did automatically begin correcting for the yaw. Wing-wires are not too slack, so she handles well on take-off. Not very good at high speed but there is no problem for aerotowing.
Never fly without the nose cone - the glider will become divergent at speed.
Kiss 144
Wing area: 13.38 m²
Hang glider weight: 30 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 50 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 80 kg
Kiss 154
Wing area: 14.2 m²
Wing span: 10.4 m
Aspect ratio: 7.4
Hang glider weight: 30 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 60 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 90 kg
Minimum speed: 26 km/h
Maximum speed: 83 km/h
Number of battens: 29
Nose angle: 127°

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