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Skyhook Safari
Made in 1978 the Skyhook Sailwings Safari had 18 months of intensive flying before being put in production.
For light winds the medium Safari has an excellent min sink performance. It also has the penetration for strong winds and positive, predictable handling with quick response. The reflexed preformed battens in every seam make the whole wing pitch positive without the need for locked up tips, etc. Vertical dive recovery is positive. The Safari is a real cross country machine which easily makes use of thermals and handles the strong turbulencewhich often goes with them.
This machine is for the experienced pilot who demands the best performance but still wants outstandingly good handling.
Safari (small)
Weight: 52 lb
Leading edge: 20 ft 7 in
Span: 35 ft 8 in
Keel 12 ft 5 in
Root chord: 9 ft 8 in





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