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Swiss Aerolight Nimbus
An evolution of the Catto CA 15 by Craig Catto, Dominique Loup built all the pre-series equipment of Swiss Aerolight Nimbus 001 in 1985 and John Bonvin built all the other pre-series equipment. For advanced pilots, the only two European copies were ordered by Dominique Loup and John Bonvin.
John Bonvin made structural modifications in the static distribution of constraints. A better distribution of the loads was obtained by redrawing the rear spar and the stabilizers of the trapezium.
Bonvin developped the Nimbus 2. The geometry has been completely redesigned to get + 8g's in positive without permanent deformation and without breaking. The structure is to 11g ultimate.
Nimbus 2
Development was abandoned.
Wing area: 15 m²
Wing span: 10.20 m
Aspect ratio: 7
Hang glider weight: 40 kg
Minimum speed: 28 km/h

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