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Solar Wings Storm
The 1980 Storm was the first offering of Solar Wings, the new company, based at Marlborough, Wilts. The Storm is similar to the Super Scorpion in that it has a deflexerless fully-battened and cambered sail, together with a simple but strong airframe. The set-up method uses plug-in type cross-booms with no loose attachment bolts, the bottom bar being secured by pip pins. Handling is pleasant, although the glider noticeably yaws prior to turning. Performance is on a par with other gliders of fourth generation machines, giving a good slow sink rate and a slightly faster top speed than the looser sailed Super Scorpion. The Storm came in three sizes to suit various pilot weights, although the large one is only recommended for the pilot of over 14 stones.
The 1980 Storm was Solar's first glider. Simple and light with good handling. Did not have preformed airfoil battens and no moving crossbar. There were two massive poles had to be seperated from the glider when folding it.
Storm medium
Weight: 56 lb
Storm large
Weight: 65 lb




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