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Wills Wings Raven
A 1979 single surface hang glider for novice pilots built in three models: 179, 209, and 229. They had a very tall keel pocket, lightly loaded, low profile airfoil.
It had very light handling even near stall. You could slow this thing way down and have exceptional control when scratch soaring next to a mountain. An absolute joy to fly because you could always nail the best parts of a thermal and climb to the best of your ability. It was tail heavy on launch but landed easy.
It had excellent stall recovery, a big floater for most part, not great penetration, could get as high as any doubles, but hang it up when wind over 20. It was a good sturdy single surface, and gained reputation for tandem glider....used flat foam core fiberglass battens with couple aluminum tube tips battens, and one AL tube, neg washout stop, near tips.

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