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Wills Wings Duck
The original 1981 Wills Wings Duck was built in four models: 130, 155, 180, and 200.



It has been described as launched well and had a good glide but trying to core a thermal always felt like dancing with a fat lady. It had heavy bar pressure and slow roll response. It landed like a brick. It was a pig. It does OK with a trike. The tips dig in during turns and is probaly spirally instable to some extent.
But others say a 155 was the lightest handling double surface glider I ever flew - scratching light inches from a cliff face was a pleasure. Unfortunately it also had the smallest flare window of any glider I ever flew, which led to some sound whacks and a shoulder that bothers me to this day. I would have flown it a lot longer if I wasn't afraid to land it.
Duck 2
The 1984 Duck 2 was described as scary in turbulence and landing was not nice at all as it does not turn.

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