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Wasp CB240
First made in 1974, the leading edges of the CB 240 are designed to incorporate the high-efficiency cylindrical concept. The cones produced by this configuration have their centre lines running through the leading edges rather than the nose of the aircraft, this increases the effective lifting area of the wing surface, reduces optimum flying speed and minimising movement of the centre of pressure. Additionally the design incorporates a significant degree of washout at the wing tips which greatly enhances roll and pitch control. This slow flying and stable hang glider therefore has an excellent L/D ratio, without the control difficulties associated with either cylindrical or high aspect ratio conical Rogallos. Sustained soaring flights can be achieved with this glider in the kind of light winds that conventional Rogallos are unable to exploit.
Six CB 240s were hand built for the '75 World Championships. A few copies were also produced during '75, although first generation gliders are by now obsolete.
CB 240
Leading edge: 19 ft
Nose angle 108 deg
Sail area 240 sq ft
Wing span 30 ft
Chord 18 ft 11 in
Keel 18 ft 11 in
Weight 47 lbs.

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