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Vulturelite Emu
The 1979 Emu hang glider was described as with very light trim but that also made it a delight to fly as long as not in heavy air. There were reportedly inconstancies in the manufacturing so they were not all the same but if you had a good one just magic.
Courtesy Clive Betts / Bettssails
The 1979 Emu is a glider offering a genuine performance increase, while remaining easy and forgiving to fly, also being the first production glider to combine the advantages of a bowsprit type airframe with a flex-batten cambered sail.
The absence of a crossbar together with the low drag aerofoil section achieve a considerable drag reduction and consequent performance increase throughout the Emu's broad speed range. The sweep angle reduces induced drag at low speed, improving the sink rate and reducing tip stall tendencies. This combined with a short span and low roll inertia gives an extremely quick roll rate and a circling ability unequalled in any other flexwing glider, allowing efficient confident soaring in the roughest of thermals. Pitch stability and control is excellent a result of advanced sail camber and flexible battens, allowing the sail to blow down at negative angle of attack adopting a reflexed section. This augments the positive pitching action of the defined tips without the potential danger of preformed ribs near the leading edge.


Emu S
Wing area: 15.3 m²
Wing span: 9.9 m
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Hang glider weight: 22 kg
Nose angle: 140°
Emu L
Wing area: 17.5 sq.m / 195 sq ft
Wing span: 10.5 m / 35 ft
Aspect ratio: 6.3
Leading edge: 17ft 6in
Hang glider weight: 23 kg / 52 lb
Pilot weight: 10-15 st
Nose angle: 140°

Price: 533.00 +VAT


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